We want to transform how upselling is done.

Ace Cooperatives: AI-Driven Sales Excellence

Ace Cooperatives, led by Thomas Lundberg, is a vanguard in the sales industry, blending advanced AI technology with expert sales strategies. We specialize in upselling for B2B service-based clients, driven by a no-nonsense, high-class approach.

Our Edge: AI Meets ExpertiseOur core is AI-driven sales precision, coupled with our team's seasoned expertise. We offer tailored AI solutions that enhance customer interactions and maximize revenue, reflecting our values of grit, leadership, and excellence.

What We OfferFor Sales Pros: Join a league of top-tier experts, backed by AI insights and robust training.

For Business Partners: Experience transformative growth with our AI-enhanced sales strategies, securing high-value, long-term contracts.

Our Symbol: The BisonThe Bison represents our brand's strength and resilience. Like the Bison, Ace Cooperatives is adaptive, assertive, and fiercely protective of its team and partners.

*Join the Movement*
Ace Cooperatives is more than a brand; it's a commitment to excellence, driven by AI innovation and a powerful team ethos. Be part of our journey towards unparalleled sales success.


•Grow your business. We’ve done it before; we will do it again. This time  for you. We use AI in conjunction with out world class sales force to help successfully grow the LTV of your customer. (Pro tip- this leads to more revenue for you!)

•Be efficient. We bring our systems and expertise to the table to help you  reach your revenue goals. Whether its on the doors, or via digital marketing, we help bring in revenue with our proprietary selling methodology.

•Go big. We bring top-tier salespeople to your team, not amateurs.  

•Improve your quality of customers. We sell multi-year, high-value  contracts.

•Over deliver. We under promise expectations.  

•Grow at your pace. We custom tailor our sales power to meet your  growth needs.

Companies we work with:
Bug Busters - https://www.mybugbusters.com/
Signature Pest Management - https://signaturepestmanagement.com/our-services
All Pest Control - https://www.goallpest.com/
All Clear Pest Control - https://www.allclearaz.com/
Connor’s Pest Pros - https://www.connorspestpros.com/
Scrub Cleaning - https://www.scrubcleaning.company/

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